AMSAT : 10-11AM : Salon A-B-C


amsat The Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation

In addition to this forum, AMSAT will have a table, and possible demonstrations working satellites outside during the convention on Saturday.





w5acmAndy MacAllister W5ACM: The Golden Age of Ham Radio Cubesats is HERE




Amateur Radio satellites have been sent to orbit since 1961 when OSCAR-1 went to space.

Today we have well over a dozen active ham-radio satellites that we can talk through, and most of them are small, fully capable FM or SSB and CW transponders.

How can we keep up with and effectively use them? It's daunting, but we will investigate!

The premise of the typical cubesat (10-cm on a side) was developed by AMSAT, but has become popular with universities, research groups, and now industry.



w5acm 73Speaker Andy MacAllister W5ACM has been involved with AMSAT since 1980. He has made numerous presentations, wrote the HAMSATS column for 73 Amateur W5ACMRadio for 15 years, has been the AMSAT VP of User Services and a member of the AMSAT Board of Directors. Andy continues to support AMSAT via the Houston AMSAT Net with global internet coverage, and even more articles on satellites and related topics.